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Iwona | a Webmaster | an Artist

I will help you create your online presence | I use the most current cutting-edge technologies | Creativeness is what drives my websites

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About me

I was born in Szczecin Poland. I was a single daughter raised by a single parent. It was just me and my mom. As a young woman I migrated to USA.In Poland I studied Architecture. It was a degree filled with art classes. In America I decided to get a degree in Computer Science.Art and Computer Science drove me to the website business.

Latest News

My art

It took me forever to dig through my art collection and photograph some of it.  I forgot how much I created over years.  I had hundreds of images to deal …

My page is UP!!!

I am so happy do ne working on my own page FINALLY. I am always busy doing pages for others. I feel so creative. So far so good. Much work …